Monday, June 24, 2013

Dear families,

This week has been tranquil and enriching.  Without any major excursions, we have had a chance to better acquaint ourselves with Ciudad Real and the simple pleasures that surround us every day.

On Monday, we awarded  Dylan, Tommy, Zin and Lina, the winners of last week´s scavenger hunt, incredible prizes!

We also divided into two groups for afternoon activities.  Students chose between Choir and Dance or Theater.  For the rest of the program, they will be getting ready for the Farewell Show for their Spanish host families.  In theater, some students will be performing published works written by Spanish speaking authors, while others will try their hand as playwrights, and others as directors. 
 Here Kaydee and Megan collaborate ideas for their original works.

 Rebecca and Julia along with the choir become acquainted with the Spanish lyrics to new songs,

  while getting creative ideas from music videos.

 John and Mary Kate have just read through the scripts for the first time in their new roles.

On Wednesday, many students opted to go to the movies as mini mid-week excursion.

Some things aren´t that different from home, after all!

Patrick and Tommy investigate the concession stand...

Along with Lindsey, Hope and Mary Kate.

This week, students have been thinking of designs for our Ciudad Real t-shirts. Here Bridget works on her submission.

We continue to have sports sessions on Thursdays.  Katie and Claire are doing a great job staying hydrated!





On Saturday, students had a chance to go on a guided tour of Ciudad Real.  Those that chose to come along  learned all about the history that surrounds them every day.  Hannah, Allyson, Lindsey and Alexis gather in front of the town hall before the tour begins.

Our tour included three churches.  Here the group gathers in front of and enters San Pedro, constructed (poorly, they say) in the fourteenth century.

The oldest church, Santiago, boasts a mudejar art that for many years was covered by a false ceiling.

Zin and Erica send their greetings from in front of the organ.

The last church, Catedral de Nuestra Señora del Prado, was also the youngest, constructed in 1531 to honor the Virgen Mary, who according to legend, appeared on this site in 1088.

After the excursion, students returned for the siesta and the big meal of the day.  Other students spent time outside of Ciudad Real, on short trips with their Spanish host families.  Some went to the river in small neighboring pueblos,  others to Madrid and others to Toledo.  This week we are going on our overnight excursion to Córdoba and Granada.  Look for exciting updates from Andalucía!

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