Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 4

Welcome back, families!
Another week has come to an end, as we officially move past the halfway point - time is flying.  These past days have been characterized by nostalgia, patriotism, and hot temperatures. Daily highs have consistently settled around 100 degrees as we, from across the Atlantic, celebrated our nation's independence.  Naturally, a trip to the pool and local water park were in order. 
On Tuesday, one of the local newspapers, La Lanza, paid us a visit at our school.  Feel free to read (maybe with the help of Google Translator) the article online:
Also on Tuesday, we celebrated Zin's birthday; here she shows off her "Feliz cumpleaños" card.

  It must also be noted, that last week Bridget celebrated a birthday as well. Most sincere apologies for the late mention. Both parties involved singing and ice cream sandwiches.
On Wednesday, we were all fitted for t-shirts.  Last week, students voted on designs that they themselves had submitted.  The proud winner, Hope, got to communicate her ideas to the t-shirt supplier.  We are all excited to see the final product.  Tori´s design received second prize: it will be featured on the cover of this summer´s memory book.  Congratulations to them both!
When Thursday rolled around, students could not contain their enthusiasm, which burst fourth in red, white and blue.  Here Caroline, Tori, Allyson, Zin and Amy wear their pride.

Thursday afternoon, we braved the sun long enough to walk to the municipal pool.

Everyone was eager to cool off.


Anna, Lindsey and Julia work on their tans (AFTER putting on sun screen!).

Pool, sun, pool, sun, pool, sun.  Recreating is hard work.


Andrew thought he was having fun, but Tommy was sure he could have more.


 Mikaela, Jackie and friends enjoy refreshments in the shade.  No Pepsi products here.

Claire, Hope and Joe have a poolside chat.


Caroline, Zin, Erica, Tori and Kaydee relax as the sun heads westward and students get ready to head back to their host families.

Though the fourth of July was Thursday, we saved the real festivities for Friday evening.  All host families were invited, and were asked to bring their favorite dishes.  No one could have predicted the quantity of delicious recipes that made a showing, nor the rapacity with which they were devoured.  Below, Mikaela and Ana´s host mothers, Carmen and Estrella, set out their creations.
 Here, Natalie works on our collaborative art project.  Originally meant to be an American flag, the artwork took a form all its own.  This may be due to the fact that the writer of this blog bought orange instead of red paint (it looked red in the jar!). 


In between platefuls of empanadas, tortillas, savory torts, and chorizo, students and families mingled and recreated.  Here Patrick plays a tabletop game with John and Eric´s little brother, Guillermo.

Ana and John focus on foosball.
Here Bridget smiles for the camera with her sister, Veronica.

 Amy, Mikaela and Ana talk over Fanta and "Chitos".

Anna, Claire and Lindsey wear their own interpretation of the American flag.

The fiesta was a flurry of activity with wall to wall people.

 Host families were delighted by students´patriotism.  Below is a touching (albeit off key) display of national pride.  If this video does not play for you, visit our unlisted (only those with a link can see) youtube site:
On Saturday, almost all students elected to participate in the optional excursion to Playa Park, a local water park.
Savannah and Katie get ready to have fun.
Everyone has their own slide-style.  Dylan´s: the upside down, backwards, smile for the camera.
Amy gives the parade float wave.
Tommy gives the over-the-shoulder wave.
Students returned home, exhausted and happy.  Next week we have a trip to a theater festival and Madrid.  Happy to report to you now and next time. 

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